Criminal Case – a Facebook game



Criminal Case for Facebook is a HOG (hidden object game) that opts for bloody images, sometimes pretty disturbing, images that are backgrounds for murders. Even though this change is more than welcomed, the game is too slow.

You play Criminal Case as a beginner cop that needs to solve a couple of cases. You study the crime scene by clicking different objects that are all over an area. You gain start investigating some crime scenes, stars that you can use as a change when you need to make autopsies, to analyze proofs or to interrogate witnesses.

Criminal Case is different from other hidden object game since you will have other activities like click and drag, activities created to break a little the routine of the game. But this is not the one thing that highlights this game. The one thing are for sure the bloody scenes. You will see victims with their neck cut, parts of the bodies that entered in decomposition or a sliced man. And also the object that you need to find are in the same disturbing category like jars with urine or victim’s fingers.

As I said above Criminal Case is a slow game. You have at your dispose a certain quantity of energy which unfortunately will not be enough to pass a level. The autopsies or the interrogations may take hours or you will need stars to complete them. In order to win start you will have to replay many scenes with hidden object again and again and again. If you don't find this game to be interesting, then you should try to risk in online casino sites and there you will definitely find the adrenaline that you like. In secure online casinos you can have super gaming sessions. It's easy to learn how to play in online casinos. There are many guides that explain all in details. But let's talk more about Criminal Case.

Every single game require 20 energy, energy that grows back really hard. In order to have a constant gameplay, you will have to pay with real money, so that you will not be required to wait hours and hours to make something new.

Criminal Case is not a HOG for children because of the bloody scenes, but also not one for adults because it’s pretty boring. But even so I have noticed it’s a pretty popular game on Facebook taking into account the fact that I have received many requests from my friends. There are people who actually play this game.